Ricky Berwick established himself on social platforms including Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. One thing that’s really interesting is how his life seems really fascinating that a lot of people want to know almost all there is about the star.

Ricky Berwick Biography

He was born on April 23, 1992, in Canada. His parents are Devon and Barbara Berwick. There is very little that is known about the man who always records himself doing crazy stuff to share on social media. This is as he has revealed because he is completely not a fan of interviews and he is not ready to let anything about his childhood or family slip out.

What has brought him to the limelight though, is his social media activities, most especially his YouTube where he has as much as close to a million subscribers. His Channel, which makes use of his name, began on May 9, 2007.

By 2018, the channel has grown to have more than 122 million views and it features thousands of videos that he makes daily with the simple aim of providing great entertainment. The channel has videos that are less than 30 seconds long mostly, but there are some that are much longer.

He is also having a very good show on Twitter where he is sharing his videos and materials to followers. On the platform, Ricky has close to 200 thousand thousands and followers of videos and pictures. He describes himself there as “your not so normal video entertainer… AND your god.”

Instagram is also another great platform that Ricky Berwick is using to spread his entertainment. Although he doesn’t have a massive followership on the platform, he has over 2000 followers.

On Facebook, the comic YouTuber who is famous for sticking out his tongue has over a million followers. He shares his videos as well as promotes his wears on this platform just as he does on others.



From being a social media personality apart, he is an entrepreneur who has his merchandise sold on Fanfiber also. The celebrity sells things such as his Ricky T-Shirt, Ricky Berwick T-Shirt, Ricky Tongue T-Shirt, and Your God T-Shirt. He sells things like Ricky Hoodie also, Ricky Berwick Hoodie, Ricky Tongue Hoodie, and Your God Hoodie. His Merchandise goes for between 27.13 dollars to 49.33 dollars.

Social Media

He has a combined followership that runs into millions on the entire social media comprising of Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. From the very short videos that he distributes apart, there are also many memes that he is or makes made from his clips.


He has been suffering from a condition that has left him deformed from birth. Because of that, he makes use of a motorized wheelchair.

Net Worth

Considering the effort and time he is putting into all he does daily, one will expect that the man has a great net worth. While his exact worth is unknown still, he is said to be making as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars annually from his YouTube channel. He might probably be earning much more if one considers the sale of his merchandise.

Ricky Berwick
Ricky Berwick

What Disease Does He have?

Looking at the disability of Ricky Berwick, it is easy to state that it is as a total result of a genetic disorder. This is as pointed out earlier because he was born that way. The condition or disease that the star is suffering from is known as the Beals-Hecht syndrome.

The condition which is also referred to as Beals Syndrom is a rare genetic disorder that causes one to have long toes and fingers and makes the muscles to contract. Because of this, one will not be able to have straight muscles. It affects areas such as the hips mostly, elbows, knees, and ankles. The disorder may be mild or severe as in the full case of Ricky Berwick.

The number of people suffering from this Beals-Hecht syndrome is still not known globally, it is assumed that it affects less than a person in every 10,000 births each full year.



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